The Little Way, A View from Nashville

Our Testimony Of Rosie's Witness


Soon after Rosie passed away, we were invited to different events to speak and share her story. We went to each one, if a little nervously, knowing it was what she wanted of us.

Since then, we have formatted our talk in a more official capacity and have been honored to give it. We would love to share The Little Way, A View from Nashville with you. You may be familiar with the iconic Little Way of St. Thérèse, who is also Rosie's patron saint. We see Rosie's life as part of her patroness' mission, our Rose from Heaven fallen here on earth to push us to run even faster to Our Lord. The way Rosie lived and suffered is an example of St. Thérèse's Little Way in action. We honor them both with the reflections we share. 

It is broken down into 3 parts: first, Rosie's story and life, how she chose her own little way every day in the midst of great difficulty. Second, we unpack suffering and the "why," that many of us ask and finally, how do each of us use what Rosie taught us to create and live our very own little way in the world today? She showed us the way, and as she wrote, "you carried your cross first, all I have to do is follow."

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