The Mission

Thank you for visiting our website. We are the Robinson Family, the owners and operators of The Little Flower of Nashville, LLC. We started this company with a simple mission — to spread the light and life of our youngest member, Rosemary Thérèse, "Rosie." That by sharing her story we may advance the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

Rosie received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis at the age of 17, on August 9, 2019. And she confronted this diagnosis with perseverance and humor. She played sports, she loved her friends, she went to school and worked hard, and she offered up her sufferings for the good of the many. We knew as we were witnessing it that she was special and that her sufferings were changing us, but how much, we did not yet realize.



On October 23, 2021, after 2 years of fighting with aggressive treatment and non-stop prayer, Rosie passed into eternity — she was 19-years-old.

Several months later, after much prayer and deliberation, my parents decided to read her journal, eventually sharing it with us, her siblings. We already knew Rosie was incredible, especially after watching how she confronted suffering. She did not complain, she kept us laughing, she once said "why frown when you can smile!?" She kept that smile shining bright. But we had no idea what we were to find in her journal.

She suffered very much; however, due to minimal complaining, we did not know just how much. We knew she had a beautiful and kind heart, but again, we didn't realize the extent. And we knew she was trying to offer her sufferings, but we did not know just how hard she was working. She was not perfect, and she knew that, but her trust in God's love and His plan for her was inspiring. She was not afraid to die, because she trusted Him. "I have faith that this is what you want for me. Peace that this is my life. Not confusion for the great mystery of life — because it's simple. It's all because you love me."

Her faith was steadfast. Rosie had an aggressive cancer that caused physical suffering, she was losing her life and dreams at 17 yet she wrote, that it was not confusing, it was all because God loved her. She saw her cross as God loving her.



Rosie's prayer journal has been a driving force behind our decision to share her story. We have realized that we have no claims over Rosie or her life — she was simply an undeserved gift, given to us by a loving God. She was a joy to our family and we are honored to share her story and continue her mission.

Nine days after being diagnosed with cancer she wrote "I want to save souls, including my own." And then one year later, "Jesus died and gave His life, so I should be willing to do whatever He asks of me. Lord, help me to come closer to you and bring others with me. Life isn't going to be complete for anyone without you."

Our hope and prayer in sharing her story and bits of her journal with you is to accomplish her wish of "if I can help anyone with my story, I want to. Really, if all I do is help others, I'll be happy."

We ask that you keep praying for the repose of Rosie's soul. May you come to know her as a friend and intercessor. She was so simple, so unassuming, so funny — she would want to know you. 

May her story inspire you to lead a life like she did — determined to choose joy, striving to be the best version of yourself, and ultimately trusting radically in God who loves you.

Let fall your shower of roses, Rosie.